Investing in courses, trainings, seminars and business conferences .. But there are no results you still expect?

Looking for a person – who is an independent business and financial expert from whom you can get answers, why there are no results, what and how to change, so that business can accelerate, earn two or three times more, and still have time for yourself or your family?

If you think about business – you probably can say – that you know everything about your business!

Investing in courses, trainings, seminars and business conferences that attract attention, but there are no results …

And you are looking for a person – who is an independent business and financial expert from whom you can get answers, why there are no results, what and how to change, so that business can accelerate, earn two or three times more and still have time for yourself or your family?

And you are ready for success?

Creating a business is the biggest personal journey through which we go everyday … It requires personal resources, knowledge, potential, good strategy, people, technology, seeing the whole big picture and seeing small details. And if you have great products or services, but you have no presentation, you do not have the right strategy – they become worthless.

And if you have a prosperous business, but you have no money or profit, business is becoming a burden, then you want to get rid of it as soon as possible …

It’s true that if you can not control a business, the business itself starts to manage you, and you do not manage your business … That happens, when you do not get the desired result and you have no time for yourself or your family … Then suddenly  you realize, that the business is managing you, it dictates the conditions for you, and not you for business …



Customers tell me, that I perfectly understand business, finance, law and human psychology…

Other clients say, that I am bold and I can present the relationship between the problem from different angles, through the prism of the current problem.

I can safely say that if you have the practice and knowledge you can help another,  because you have gone through all the necessary steps, and you know where you can burn or you can do everything faster, easier, with lower costs. You earn a higher income, profit in less time, which would normally earn only 5 years, but work with me – you will earn the same in 2-3 years. It is your investment in experience and knowledge.

This is especially important in business, because there is a simple formula:

Time is directly proportional to value, and value is equal to money / income.

Time = Value Value = Money

I work with business owners or those who want to start a business with people or who are ready to grow a business and earn a better result than they earn now.

Do you want to make more money and have free time for yourself and your family?

Will you still try to do everything yourself?

The paradox is that we know everything we already know – we’ve already tested it … but for a major change to happen, something new is needed …

 Are you ready to risk?

When is it helpful to work with me?

1. If you want to “be a boss for yourself”, think of starting to work for yourself or to start a business:

-Want to start a business, but have a business idea;
-You do not know how much you paid for the lowest tax after working;
-Want to make a business plan, but question whether you got it right?
-You want to choose the most suitable business status – business certificate, individual certificate, create an individual company, MB (Small Partnership), or UAB (Private limited liability company);
-Do not know how to set up a business?
-You do not know what are the requirements for starting a business at the Tax Inspectorate?
-You do not know how much to pay, where and when to pay, if you already have a business;
   Etc. questions.

2. If you have your own company and want to grow it or expand:

-Dissatisfied with the result and tried everything yourself;
-It is frustrated to pay for decisions that do not yield the desired result,
-Think you’re paying too much tax,
-Motivate employees, but they do not create value for the company,
-Walking to seminars, famous oratories who talk nicely about business, but return to work, and can not adapt heard ideas or make them ineffective in your business!
-Has high income, but there is no money,
-You can not make ends meet because there is no money to pay taxes and pay with employees,
-Want to motivate employees not by sales, because you own, as the owner does not have anything left?
-Do you do everything like the success stories, but business is still not successful?
-Want the result that you work less in business, but earn 2 – 3 times more over the same time?
-Want to make a budget or business plan, but do not know what to control and how?
-Want to control your business, even when you’re on vacation?
-And other issues related to business processes, management and finance …


3. If you have a prosperous business or a business group, but:

– Everything in business is OK, but not profit;
– Want to create a real budget that your employees would follow and pursue;
– Want to optimize your business – in tax, business management or control;
– Want to see what a negative business model is, which “squeezes out” earned money and profits;
– Can not assess the extent to which a worker creates value for the company;
– You can not go on vacation, because business issues may not be resolved;
– Want to sell or buy a business, but have doubts about the price;
– Want to increase profits in a growing company, although many would say that it’s impossible ….
– And perhaps an assessment of operational efficiency would help to strategically plan the steps that would give the company greater business intensity than ever …
– You can see the vision of a company for 10 years, but you do not know how to achieve it …

4. Want to make business more profitable and make it more profitable – an assessment of operational efficiency will show, where and how the pattern repeats from year to year and prevents the results you expect. At each stage of the business, you can earn significant income, whether business has been working for several years or has it just begun. An important strategy is how you go to the market, what your goal and how you organize your actions to achieve your expectations through business operations. You can do it faster, easier if you have a permanent independent consultant, who will look at your business independently and show you buttons that you can click and accelerate your earnings and profits.