Privacy policy

We protect visitors’ privacy on the web. Individually identifiable visitor information will not be forwarded to any third party without the prior consent of the visitor or without the requisite legal or governmental authorities requesting it.

Service is provided

The service records users browsing the browser cookies. This provides users with effective information based on their needs and the nature of the information sought. Customer information is provided through billboards in the Google Display Network. Services can be turned off by cleaning your browser cookies from memory. You can also define the nature of the ads displayed on this page in Google Ads Settings.

Settlement and refund

Repaid by bank transfer or through Paysera system by connecting to the selected e-mail of the Lithuanian bank. banking systems. Refunds are made within 14 days from the date of the request. For all refunds, the bank transfer fee is deducted, which depends on the bank.

Collection of remarketing data

This page is powered by Google Remarketing, which collects elementary user information. Our ads are displayed on different pages using Google and third-party services.

Personal data is collected

We do not collect user information (such as a name, email address, IP address, company name), unless the user deliberately and knowingly provides this data by himself. During each registration, we receive the following data entered by the visitor: name, e-mail. Email address, phone and browser cookies. This information is used to provide better information services to consumers by sending them visual and textual information and training, and not transferring information to third parties and instances. Consumer personal data will only be used with and their affiliate products and processes for providing information and reaching visitors.

Use of personal data

Consumer personal data will only be used for products and processes related to the Service. Visitor data is captured and disclosed only in cases related to the violation and only to the relevant public officials or authorities. The company will not share customer information with advertisers. Other information about the consumer is provided only with his consent or upon request of the relevant state authorities, with a court judgment or a search warrant issued by a prosecutor.
Other announcements and offers may be submitted to the user with the consent and without exceeding his privacy, as stated in the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

Change your privacy policy may at any time change its privacy policy. Notify this on your website. Consumers are encouraged to take regular interest in privacy policies.

Electronic Junk Policy

We guarantee our customers who use the service that their email addresses will not be used for email. Email Spam (SPAM). In addition, users from will not receive any emails from you:

  • with invalid or false e-mails;
  • with invalid or non-registered names of domain names (domains);
  • misleading information about the place of dispatch or transmission;
  • other misleading ways of addressing;
  • containing misleading or false information in the subject line;
  • providing misleading or false content in an e-mail;
  • violating the terms and conditions of the service.