Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

When you sign up for the program you want, we receive a payment – we contact you, discuss your questions, decide how and when we work together, and provide you with the information available on the Internet according to the chosen module, and send a link to ask questions. I participate in the program as an independent financial and business analyst, so I can look at your business with a different look, because I have no interest in it. My recommendations are independent so that the problem can change in business now and perhaps even three years in the future. I will also answer questions related to business, finance, economics, business management, partly legal issues and staff management issues. If your chosen module contains seminars, you will find many answers to the workshop material, because the training material is based on the business intensity and business cycle, which means that many problems will resolve by themselves if you solve the problems that are needed to solve the systemically in the business cycle where your company are found If you do not have time to watch the video, you can send audio and listen to the car.

Why online?

We all saved our time, because we all have only 24 hours. per day. Time is accelerating, technology is the only industry in the world, which is currently expanding rapidly and is constantly improving. If technologies are developed – Let’s take advantage of them because your time spent online – the time for seminars and consultations will certainly not be worse than you are used to working with one, so you and I will save you. Problems will be solved faster, faster decisions and faster business impact. If we really do not solve and do not develop common solutions – I tend to exhaust the problem, put it against and behind the arguments and then really find solutions if not online, it’s with us or you in the office!

Will it help my business?

Problems are solved when dealing with root issues or, in other words, the core issues in business. If the problems are not clear, my help will fill them out and you as a owner will be able to focus all your efforts on business growth and income generation, as they reflect the intensity of business and are a factor in the viability of the company.

Will I have to do something by myself?

During our seminars, we work on specific issues or provide information that is related to business in one way or another – and that you can apply it, you need your own visitor’s vision, seeing the whole big picture for 3 to 10 years ahead, so it will be “homework” what you have to do! Usually – this is a fun activity that everyone loves.