You may doubt your inside and this causes anxiety …

Perhaps there is a feeling that you want to change something, you want something new, but you do not have the will to change, and time goes by, the day runs one after another, and you still have doubts …

If you feel like that and you’re ready to change something – maybe it’s time to change!

There are only two choices:

1. You can choose to live as you are, and it makes no sense to expect someone to ever change in activity or life.

Let’s be open – you like comfort, consistency, and you can adapt and live at insignificant inconvenience, although you would like something better …

2. And you can choose to go in the comfort zone, set yourself the goal as a challenge! And if you have strength inside – I believe that you will succeed! I did it! You will succeed as well!

I help people go through the “obstacle to life” in order to manage stress, you can firmly say “stop” things that consume your energy, you can freely express your thoughts and do what you like and get money for it!

If you’re ready to change something a bit:

  • want to get into a career
  • have a good relationship
  • want to stop criticizing herself
  • It’s frustrating to listen to how others are complaining, or herself ashamed of failures;
  • want to make more money
  • be recognized in society
  • maybe time to contact now and sign up for a consultation!

You understand that we want to be successful all, but I always ask a successful person:

How much did you need to go through the failures that achieved to success?

What is behind the luck?

And what is the real price of that success?


🙂          🙂           🙂

We stop when we do not see how to move forward.

We can not move forward, if we do not respect ourselves and trust in what we do.

You have the choice of yourself and from these small details you have great achievements, experience, success and recognition!

Gintautė Černiauskė

Certified business consultant

Two choices:

1. What happens, when you choose to live as usual and familiar?

Nothing changes, life fluctuates like a rhythm, you live in a normal life, and that’s great!

2. What happens, when you decide to change something?

First of all, you are excited by new ideas, shared with friends and colleagues, and when you start something new to practice, you are immediately confronted with the envy of others, with unknown things or situations to be addressed that need to be exhausting, which requires your time and often money, because it can cost financially.

On the one hand it’s anxious, on the other hand, it’s worrying, because there are things that you did not plan … Here the dilemma begins …

You seem to know that you understand everything, you have planned everything yourself, and somewhere taxes arise, something fails, there are not enough customers, money and the product or service is really good ?!


The question is: what is happening here?

Then you start to doubt yourself …

  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Who needs that?
  • Who will buy from me?
  • Is it better to emigrate?
  • Maybe else will be better?

And here’s the paradox again .. When you depart elsewhere, realize that you will never get out of yourself …

This can run for life…

However, if you want to change something, you have to have the inner courage to make decisions differently, you have the courage and strength to represent yourself, your own opinion and to adapt to the environment where you are. Sounds very simple.

But the path to simplicity and wisdom is quite long.

First, we have to “catch up” in very difficult situations to understand what really is simplicity and value in life, value in relationships, value in work and activities.


I like the truth and respect for the relationship, because it creates a real relationship. Through business relationships or activities, we gain experience that we can not buy for any money … And experience allows us to trust, what we do, how we live and we know clearly what do we want from activity or life.


Because only then we can travel our journey of life with the real power that we each have! We can be unique in our activities!

This creates successful businesses you’ve only once dreamed of!

All the stages we have to go by ourselves. It is complicated and at the same time wonderful, because we gain experience and wisdom …

When we have experience and wisdom, we have a huge potential to create something bigger, more beautiful, better than what everyone is dreaming about and for what others are taught to us because we are unique, not “copies of other people” …

Thus business, success, and value are created …

You already understand that it’s quite simple …

If I succeed, you can succeed in achieving what you dream about.
It’s your choice…


Where do you want to be for a year?



Where do you want to be three years old?


How do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?



– Do you have plans, but you are not sure about your activity or vision?

– Maybe you want to make a profitable business, because there is a lot of activities, but nothing left for you …?

– Maybe tired of routine?

– Maybe you give up your business all your time and your personal relationships are completely lost, or maybe they are not at all?

– Maybe you do not have any support from your loved ones so that you can successfully do what you do?

– Maybe you have a business and want to increase sales?

– Want to create a motivational system for your employees?


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